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Duzzit® Baking Soda 500g - Cleans, Deodorises & Much More!

Duzzit® Baking Soda 500g - Cleans, Deodorises & Much More!

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Experience ultimate cleaning power with Duzzit® Baking Soda! This 500g cleaner is perfect for deodorising, cleaning and brightening domestic and commercial environments. Handy resealable lid for storage. The non-scratch natural formula leaves surfaces and appliances sparkling, while removing dirt and grime. Get your home looking spotless with Duzzit®! The powerful scent of Duzzit® fills the room while its natural formula easily removes grease, grime, and dirt without scratching surfaces. This 500g resealable container ensures a sparkling clean that lasts and is safe to use in both domestic and commercial spaces. With Duzzit®, you can easily clean and deodorise any area, leaving it spotless!

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